Updated Deck

PJP undertook a comprehensive deck overhaul for a Newport residence, seamlessly blending modern materials with classic charm. Discover the captivating transformation.

It’s often said that the true essence of a home is reflected not just in its walls and interiors, but also in its exteriors. Decks, in particular, offer a unique blend of outdoor freedom while being a part of the home. For one Newport homeowner, what began as a simple need to replace worn-out deck boards quickly transformed into a comprehensive decking overhaul, all thanks to Point Judith Peaks (PJP).

Identifying the Challenge

The project began when the homeowner from Newport reached out to us, expressing the need to swap old rat deck boards with new composite railings. As experts in roofing and home restoration, we at PJP knew that just replacing the boards might not address the underlying issues. Our experienced team's primary objective was to assess, understand, and provide a solution that's both lasting and aesthetically appealing.

As we delved into the project, the first challenge was laid bare: the existing frame of the deck was not in its prime state. This revelation underscores why thorough evaluations are crucial. Without a stable frame, even the best of deck boards would be short-lived. The structure's integrity is foundational to the longevity and safety of the deck.

Choosing the Right Materials

Material selection plays a pivotal role in decking projects. After all, decks are exposed to varying weather conditions, and the chosen materials must withstand the elements while retaining their aesthetic allure. Given the homeowner’s preference and our recommendation, we settled on composite deck boards. Composite materials offer longevity, require minimal maintenance, and resist fading, staining, and mold.

Complementing the deck boards, we selected new railings to enhance the deck's safety and appearance. The new railings, with their contemporary design, provided not just functionality but also added an element of modern charm.

PVC trim was our choice for the finishing touches. It’s resistant to rot, termites, and moisture – making it an ideal choice for outdoor projects. Plus, its smooth finish offers a polished, clean look, enhancing the overall appeal.

Our Execution Process

With a strategy in place and materials sourced, the execution phase commenced. Here’s a snapshot, as captured in the eight photos that chronicled the transformation:

Initial State: The old rat deck boards were visibly worn out, and the dated railings did little to add to the house's charm.

Frame Inspection: A close-up of the old frame revealed weaknesses that needed immediate addressing.

Structural Reinforcement: Before laying new boards, our team fortified the existing frame to ensure structural soundness.

Board Installation: Composite deck boards were methodically placed, offering both resilience and a touch of luxury.

Railing Placement: Modern railings replaced the old ones, standing tall as guardians of safety and symbols of elegance.

Trimming the Edges: The PVC trim installation brought neatness to the deck’s edges, sealing off the perfect look.

The Final Touch: A wide-angle shot captured the deck in its full glory, mirroring a seamless blend of the old frame's robustness and the new materials' charisma.

A Happy Homeowner: The final picture, predictably, showcased the homeowner's joy – a testament to PJP’s commitment to satisfaction.

Why PJP?

Point Judith Peaks is more than just a renovation company; we are partners in transforming spaces. Our expertise stretches beyond decking to roofing installation, insurance claims, roof repairs, window/door installation, and skylights. Servicing all of Rhode Island and Connecticut, we are proud to have added another feather to our cap with this Newport project.

In the world of home renovation, success is a fusion of the right materials, impeccable execution, and an unwavering focus on customer satisfaction. This Newport decking transformation was not just about replacing old boards but reimagining what the space could truly become. For us at PJP, it’s always about turning visions into realities. This project was yet another testament to that commitment.